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Software design is my North Star. It's a craft I seek to master. I spend most of my time thinking and obsessing over it. I'm convinced that great design is synonymous with great engineering, and that they must come together to form a fulfilling whole.

Currently I'm helping create a suite of tightly integrated productivity apps at Semantical.

  • 2023
    SnapSum (TestFlight)

    This app was designed to help me study. It is built using SwiftUI and powered by OpenAI models. It can answer questions, generate summaries, and create mind maps from text in photos.

  • 2022

    A one-page template landing page that can be used for early stage projects. Uses a shader to animate a ghost-like morphing color blob. Another shader in the background gives the page a textured feel. Built with Next.js.

  • 2022

    This landing page makes heavy use of one shader in the background. Built with Svelte.

  • 2021

    A lightweight text editor that stores documents on IPFS. My first project built with Next.js. Open source on GitHub. Unfortunately not functional anymore because of breaking API changes.

  • 2020

    A Swift API for interacting with Bear's x-callback-url scheme, based on Middleman. I used this myself to automate my journaling practice with the Bear app.

  • 2020

    A completely type-safe way of handling the x-callback-url scheme in Swift.


A Collection of Stories

I used Dall•E to generate images and wrote short stories to accompany them.




This website was built on the shoulders of giants.

  • Rich Harris, creator of Svelte and SvelteKit, the framework this site was built with.
  • Matthew Butterick, creator of Practical Typography and Valkyrie, the font you're reading right now.
  • Sofia Mohr, designer of Moranga, the font used for headings throughout this website.

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— Valentin Walter