traveler. You've stumbled upon a tiny rock in a forest of great trees and occasional rainy weather. You look around and choose to explore further…


While I spend a lot of time writing code, my underlying passion is design. Below you'll find a selection of websites and other projects I've worked on. My favorite way of bringing a design to life is adding an animated shader, like the one you can see at the top of this page.

  • 2022

    A one-page template landing page that can be used for early stage projects. Uses a shader to animate a ghost-like morphing color blob. Another shader in the background gives the page a textured feel. Built with Next.js.

  • 2022

    This landing page makes heavy use of one shader in the background. Built with Svelte.

  • 2021

    A lightweight text editor that stores documents on IPFS. My first project built with Next.js. Open source on GitHub.

  • 2020

    A Swift API for interacting with Bear's x-callback-url scheme, based on Middleman. I'm using this myself to automate my journaling practice with the Bear app.

  • 2020

    A completely type-safe way of handling the x-callback-url scheme in Swift.


A Collection of Stories

I generated images with AI and wrote tiny stories to accompany them.



This website was built on the shoulders of giants.

  • Rich Harris, creator of Svelte and SvelteKit, the framework this site was built with.
  • Matthew Butterick, creator of Practical Typography and Valkyrie, the font you're reading right now.
  • Sofia Mohr, designer of Moranga, the font used for headings throughout this website.

Valentin's signature

— Valentin Walter